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Experience of being exotic dancer at parties

Exotic dance or strip dance is a billion dollar industry now. It has thousands of exotic dancers who perform day in and day out for numerous customers. Some may feel it is easy to be exotic dance. But it is not that easy to be an exotic dancer. You need to learn lot of things before you can perform before audience. First of all you need to have a sexy curvy body. Most of the people love to view ladies have sexy curvy body. More than beauty you should have pleasing and charming body. Once you have that then you can practice dance and learn how to dance for the tunes. Once you become an expert in that then you can learn the sexy moves which will make the guests and viewers like you. Some may think they are earning huge money. Again the answer is no. Their wage will differ and it is not constant.  Some day they may take home $150 or if they have good field day they may take more than thousand dollars. So the wage is unpredictable and it is not a constant thing.

Who are all getting into the industry?

Mostly it is college students who get into the business so that they can take care of their expenses during their time in college. Amount earned in this will be used to pay their tuition fees and other expenses so that they don’t need to depend on any one else for their expenses. Each club will have different type of contracts and pay out structure. One has to be care while choosing the club they are going to perform. Some clubs will ask you to pay for the DJ who performs while you dance and other makeup artists also. In these clubs the amount you take to home will be very less as your profit will be shared. With the advent of internet and other technology porn is coming directly to home and people are not much interested in any more going to the club. They can only view the strippers and they can’t to any sexual activity there as most of the clubs banned that and very strict in that. They punish the stripper by terminating the contract and it will be tough to get the job back once you became notorious. For the most part, the people who come into strip clubs are looking for companionship, and someone to talk.

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