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How To Eat A Girl Out and Give Her Simultaneous Oral Orgasms

In this article, you will learn to eat a girl おまんこ as a god of sex so that you can give her so many powerful and comfortable orgasms before being pierced.

I have this site that women come every day and respond to all kinds of problems related to sex. When I asked them, “What is the best way to give someone an orgasm?” … the answer to number 2 is always sex in the mouth.

Women love it, perhaps more than we do. Maybe I tell more than just because they can orgasm here several times and continue … and they want to be desperate!

This is a simple way to eat a girl who will give her lots of pleasure and not only lead to many oral orgasms but if you do well, you can give her orgasms simultaneously.

The first step to eating a girl is a real introduction. I will not deal here because it is a completely different article. But you want to give her enough preliminary exercises that when she reaches her pussy, she gets wet before touching her again.


Step 2 – Do not just dive!

You want to tempt it before it by stimulating the sensitive areas around its dune.

The inside of a woman’s thigh is very sensitive and, bypassing the fingers on them, you can send rings throughout the body.

When you stop licking your wife おまんこ, do not go directly to the clitoris. It is very sensitive and if it is not wet before touching it, you can hit it.

Slowly slow her lips first. Lick his shot. Now that he is ready for it, he raises a hood and begins to stimulate his clitoris.

Start by licking it side-by-side or try … Both of them and look for her reaction if she prefers one to the other. Once you have found a winner, Stick With It!

When it becomes clear that it is really in, just push a finger in (slowly) with your palm up. Bend your finger and feel around a nickel-shaped area that resembles a raspberry.

Never stop stimulating her piece in your tongue while doing it.

Once you have found a magical place in it, keep making a gesture “come here” with your finger (as if you cut it at your fingertip).

Now, this is a “Next Level” method of how to eat a girl.

Place your other palm on its pelvis (it lies just above its G point outside of its). Then, throw it in with your finger, touch it with your finger and increase the pressure.

You can continue licking your dandruff with your tongue or stacking easily to suck it up.

Again, pay attention to his reactions and comments, and if you do, he will quickly withdraw.

Advance Tips – Once you’ve made her orgasm at least several times of this technique, tell her to “touch” her orgasm until she gets another one from another place to boost you.

Do it and give her a simultaneous orgasm to both the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time!

How to eat a woman and give her some orgasms (or simultaneously) quickly.

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